Our Veterinary Team in Miami, FL

Luis E. Augsten, DVM

Owner | Veterinarian

Dr. Augsten’s passion for veterinary medicine started at an early age, combining his love of the natural world, science, and the animal kingdom with his admiration for his father’s work as a cardiologist and his mother’s deep compassionate spirit for animals. In college, he began working as a volunteer with the Marine Mammal Rescue Unit at FIU (now the Marine Animal Rescue Society), and with various veterinary hospitals in the Miami area. He joined Country Club Animal Hospital in 1996 as a member of the kennel staff. By the end of 1999, he had worked his way up to technician when one of the practice’s veterinarians at the time, Dr. Walton A. Smith, encouraged him to look into Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. After completing his education in 2003, Dr. Augsten returned to the practice that inspired his career from the start.

In addition to small-animal soft-tissue surgery, internal medicine, and dermatology, Dr. Augsten enjoys working hand-in-hand with clients, making sure they understand their pets’ needs and how they can be involved in ensuring excellent health. Clients appreciate his kind, patient demeanor and his willingness to tailor treatments and solutions so that they work best for the animal and their family. After many years building these kinds of relationships with clients, Dr. Augsten had the opportunity to take over ownership of Country Club Animal Hospital when its founder, Dr. Bailey, retired in 2016. As the current practice owner, Dr. Augsten oversees all staff, patient care, and business operations and is excited to continue Country Club Animal Hospital’s tradition of excellence.

Dr. Augsten grew up in Miami and loves spending time at the beach, swimming, snorkeling and fishing, skating, and being outdoors with his wife, their two daughters, and their dog, Harvey, a Havanese.

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, 2003
Veterinary Clinical Year at University of Florida 2002-2003

Languages:  English, Spanish

Jim Bogdansky, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

A Miami resident since the age of 6, Dr. Bogdansky has been an integral member of the Country Club Animal Hospital team, almost since his graduation from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine with honors in 1990. Though he initially wanted to specialize in large exotic cats such as lions and tigers, Dr. Bogdansky also had a strong interest in small animal surgery and internal medicine during his studies, and realized there were more opportunities to serve a wider variety of people and pets in a traditional veterinary setting. Today, Dr. Bogdansky maintains his interest in surgery, but also enjoys internal medicine, dermatology, cardiology, endocrinology, and overall pet health management.

Dr. Bogdansky is known for his ability to nurture pets and clients alike with his devotion to superior care and his empathy for the pet-parent relationship. Outside of the clinic, Dr. Bogdansky loves family, fishing, and music. His wife of more than 25 years is a pianist and vocalist trained at the University of Miami, which his son now also attends as a music major. Together, they all enjoy going to concerts, traveling, and raising a variety of different pets and animals, including dogs, cats, birds, turtles, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, ducks, and even a skunk.

University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine, 1990

Languages:  English

Alberto Naya, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

Long before he ever knew he wanted to be a veterinarian, Dr. Naya was fascinated by the unique relationships between people and animals. Throughout his middle and high school years, this curiosity led him towards studies in various sciences and math which would become the foundation of his veterinary education. As he advanced through his college years, it was clear to him that people and pets need each other in many ways – from practical needs like safety and survival, to emotional needs like companionship and love, just like any other close relationship with human family and friends. It was then Dr. Naya realized that protecting those relationships and extending them for as long as possible was more than a career… for him it was a calling.

Today, Dr. Naya takes great pride in providing dedicated care and guidance for pet parents and animal lovers who want the best for their companions. Our patients and clients appreciate his careful attention to detail and compassionate nature in explaining situations, solving problems, and dedication towards pets living out many more happy, healthy days.

Dr. Naya was born and raised in Miami, FL and attended Belen Jesuit Preparatory School before completing his undergraduate degree at Florida International University in 2017. He then earned his Veterinary Degree from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2021.

Florida International University, 2017
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, 2021

Languages:  English, Spanish