How Cellfie Can Make a Difference at Your Next Vet Visit in Miami, FL

Cancer cases or potential cancer cases are often stressful for both veterinarians and pet owners for a whole of reasons. It can take valuable time to get pathology results back from labs that are not connected with your animal hospital, and your pet might have to wait for weeks to begin treatment. This time can make all the difference when it comes to cancers, particularly aggressive ones.

Companion Animal Health has created a solution to the problem of delayed pathology results related to the small number of professional labs in the US that can take animal samples. Having a Cellfie system set up in your vet’s office can deliver you rapid results from biopsies which can help to make sure that your pet gets treatment as soon as possible.

If you want to know some more about how Cellfie can make a big impact on your next vet visit, you need to keep reading.

cellfie diagnostics in miami, fl

Rapid Diagnosis Matters

Cancer patients have a limited window in which they can begin treatment before the chances for quality of life decrease greatly. Dogs, in particular, often show very few or no symptoms of cancer until it has progressed past the initial stages, where treatment is much easier. For pet owners who are eager for answers and eager to get their pets the care that they need, a delay of even a few days can feel like centuries.

The Cellfie system is made to create in-house pathology solutions that go above and beyond. For vets who are attempting to verify a suspected diagnosis, it can be a relief to keep an animal in-house until a diagnosis can be rendered. For owners of pets, having answers about the well-being of their pets right away offers a lot of peace of mind. It can feel terrible for veterinarians to have to send an anxious owner home with a pet that might have cancer, and it feels even worse for the pet’s owner to have to wait to know more about their pet’s diagnosis.

Cellfie can work with blood smears, urine, and fecal samples, which means that a full spectrum of diagnosis options is available through the use of this workstation and the Cellfie support network. Pathologists who are experts in all of these various areas of diagnosis are linked with the Cellfie system as well, which saves vets time and effort. Smaller clinics can also avoid delays related to staffing issues or an inability to employ a pathologist in-house to read these kinds of results.

How Does Cellfie Work?

The Cellfie system comes with a complete workstation that allows your vet to view the sample in question, stain and prepare slides, and then use the superior software for diagnosis. The workstation is a touchscreen which is ideal, and it offers enough storage to make it simple to create reports and send information to pet owners or referral treatment locations.

The images that Cellfie creates are high-resolution and extremely clear, and you can see them yourself on the telemedicine portal. There are so many good reasons to use Cellfie that vets should be adopting this system. Clients will be grateful to be spared weeks of wait time just to get scary news, and vets can get patients started on treatment protocols right away, which is always ideal.

A particular area of benefit that this system offers is that you can assess the health of the lymph nodes with great accuracy. This means that pet owners can make much better-educated decisions about whether to operate and whether to put their pet through other forms of cancer treatment. The guessing game aspect of the current cancer treatment protocols can make any owner stressed, scared, and upset, and this is not an ideal option as compared to a diagnosis that is made with superior tools like Cellfie.

Talk to a Pathologist Yourself

One of the other helpful features of Cellfie is that pet owners can talk to a pathologist through a telemedicine visit. This can help owners to understand what their pet’s diagnosis means and what their treatment options are. Being able to ask questions of the person who read the results of your pet’s scan and biopsies can make a big difference in the stress and worry that is native to treating a pet for cancer.

Being able to feel involved and in control of some of the aspects of a pet’s care can make owners feel less helpless and talking to the pathologist can also provide owners with a higher level of understanding of their animal’s condition. Imagine being unable to speak to your own pathologist or your own doctor about an illness. This is the situation that pet owners find themselves in all the time, but Cellfie breaks down this barrier for good.

A Potential Cancer Diagnosis Can be Less Stressful with Cellfie

Cellfie offers pet owners the chance to feel in the loop and be educated about their animal’s options. It can be really hard to feel like you are looking at the situation from the outside, and many owners struggle to be patient with delays in diagnosis. Waiting for weeks for lab results is never ideal, and this problem can be resolved through the use of Cellfie for in-house, fast results.

Being able to be included in your pet’s plan of care and knowing whether their lymph nodes are involved in cancer can make a huge impact on your treatment choices. Being spared the usual guesswork related to cancer treatment for small animals is also a huge relief for both vets and for pet owners.

Cellfie offers in-house treatment solutions that are usually limited to specialty clinics and to large vet hospitals with state funding. The barrier to access of these kinds of technologies used to be quite high for smaller clinics. Cellfie is changing the way that the vets at Country Club Animal Hospital care for their patients and is making it easier to treat cancer rapidly before it’s too late. Use the online form or call (305) 663-3300 to talk with your Country Club Animal Hospital about Cellfie!