Treating Cats and Dogs with Allergies in Miami, FL

In our hot, humid South Florida climate and the wide variety of outdoor environments ranging from beaches to backyards and everything in between, dermatological issues and skin problems are common. Itching, scratching, redness, ‘hot spots,’ dog and cat hair loss, and swelling are just a few of the symptoms that animals exhibit when dealing with a skin issue. Helping you find the cause and dog or cat allergy treatment is what Country Club Animal Hospital is here for. Request an appointment online or contact us at (305) 663-3300 to get started.

Dog and Cat Allergy Treatments in Miami, FL
Golden Retriever relaxing on a boat after his dog allergy treatment

Our Cat and Dog Allergy Treatment Process

Some of the things we consider when dealing with a dog or cat allergy treatment include:

  • Is the problem related to an allergy?
    • Early identification of an allergy is key to solving the problem or managing symptoms.
  • Is this an acute (temporary) condition or something more chronic (long-term)?
    • This determines what kind of treatment is best for your pet.
  • What tests are necessary?
    • At Country Club Animal Hospital we can conduct physical exams, skin biopsies, allergy tests, ringworm tests, blood tests, and microscopic examinations of hair and skin. All of these services are performed in-house at our location.

Is your pet ready to be treated for allergies? Call us at (305) 663-3300 today.