Advancing Pet Diagnostics in Miami, FL with CELLFIE

At Country Club Animal Hospital, we strive to stay at the forefront of advances in veterinary medicine to provide your pet with the highest level of comprehensive care. With CELLFIE, we can take our pet diagnostic capabilities in Miami, FL to the next level to help our patients. When evaluating cancerous and potentially cancerous tumors to determine their composition, growth, and spread, CELLFIE gives us direct access to board-certified pathologists to examine samples and make accurate and timely diagnoses.

Pet Diagnostics in Miami, FL
Cellfie Microscope and Computer in Miami, FL

How Does CELLFIE Work?

CELLFIE is an in-house microscope pathology device we use to view and test pet growths to see if they are cancerous, and to determine whether they are localized or spreading to other parts of the body. The device utilizes remote-enabled technologies, which allow remote full-time, board-certified clinical pathologists to review our diagnostic slides in real time and combine their expertise with ours. This allows us to make fully-informed decisions about the next steps regarding your pet’s treatment, and do so within a shorter timeframe.

The process of using CELLFIE involves these simple steps:

  • Step 1 – We collect a growth sample from your pet
  • Step 2 – We prepare the sample on diagnostic slides
  • Step 3 – The slide samples are stained to facilitate viewing
  • Step 4 – A remote medical concierge looks at the slides to verify their quality
  • Step 5 – The entire slide will be available for pathologist to focus and fine-tune quality images remotely for review.

What are the Benefits of Using CELLFIE?

Accuracy and speed are two of the most important benefits of using CELLFIE to diagnose and treat our patients. Working with the remote clinical pathologist gives us an extra set of expert eyes to review samples taken from your pet. They can remotely control the microscope to view slides and make an assessment.

Furthermore, the pathologist’s on-demand availability allows us to get important information much more quickly than typical pathology results, which usually take a week. With CELLFIE, we can get preliminary results in as little as 30 minutes, with the whole process generally taking roughly 1 hour.

closeup on a pet diagnostic microscope

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