Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Miami, FL

We receive vaccinations as children to immunize us against various diseases and viruses. Likewise, our pets should begin receiving their vaccinations at a young age so they can be protected from harmful pathogens and bacteria in and around their environment.

At Country Club Animal Hospital in Miami, we carry a full range of core and non-core vaccines for dogs and cats to keep them protected throughout their life. Your veterinarian will discuss your pet’s vaccination needs with you during their wellness visit, and help you decide which vaccines they’ll need to stay healthy.

Man and cat touching noses together
Dog and Cat Vaccinations in Miami, FL

Vaccines We Offer for Cats and Dogs

Cat and dog vaccinations come in two categories: core and non-core. Core vaccines are highly recommended to maintain your pet’s immunity and good health, and non-core vaccines are administered according to particular lifestyle factors, such as age, weight/size, frequency of travel, environment, and risk of exposure. Our core and non-core vaccines for cats and dogs include:

  • Dog Vaccinations
    • Core:
      • 3-year rabies
      • Distemper virus
      • Parvovirus
      • Hepatitis
    • Non-core:
      • Leptospirosis
      • Coronavirus
      • Bordetella
      • Parainfluenza
      • Canine influenza (bivalent)
      • Lyme
  • Cat Vaccinations
    •  Core:
      • 1-year rabies
      • Viral rhinotracheitis (herpes)
      • Calicivirus
      • Panleukopenia virus (distemper)
    • Non-core:
      • Leukemia
      • Chlamydia

How Pet Vaccines Work

A vaccine contains a modified or killed version of the virus it is meant to protect against. Once injected, it stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies, which fight the intrusive virus. Therefore, if your pet comes into contact with the virus later in life, their immune system will be equipped to fight it.

Dog Vaccinations in Miami, FL
Cat Vaccinations in Miami, FL

Determining Your Pet’s Vaccine Protocol

We understand that all of our patients have different needs, which can change over time. Annual wellness exams are important because they give us the opportunity to touch base with pet owners and discuss whether they can continue to receive the same vaccinations year after year.

Vaccines such as Bordetella and feline leukemia are reserved for pets that are likely to come into contact with those diseases. Your pet may go years without requiring the Bordetella vaccine, until they need to board or visit the groomer.

We’ll be more than happy to offer suggestions and help you figure out what your dog or cat will need to keep them as healthy as possible. Whether you reside in Miami, South Miami, Coral Gables or one of the surrounding areas,  your pet will benefit greatly from routine vaccinations and likely live a longer, happier life.