Pet Pharmacy in Miami: Cat sitting on reception desk

In-House Pharmacy

We believe that when caring for your pet is simple, everyone benefits. That is why Country Club Animal Hospital is proud to offer the service and convenience of a fully stocked in-house pharmacy right on site and available 7 days a week – including Sundays! And while many of our families are happy to not have to drive elsewhere to find medications, foods, and other pet-care products, the advantages of an in-house pharmacy go well beyond saving time.

We are one of the few veterinary locations in South Florida to carry a well-supplied inventory of both common and specialty medications.

  • No waiting. Receive your products the same day as your visit!
  • Last-minute trip or other personal emergency? Call ahead and pick up your pets’ medications within a few hours.
  • After-hours pick up available for established clients who make requests and payments during working hours.
  • Prefer to have your pets’ prescriptions or other products mailed to you? We can help!
  • Online ordering also available 24/7, 365 days a year.
Employee in Our Pet Pharmacy in Miami

Veterinarians who know your pet on hand to make adjustments to dosages, types of medication, and food/diet recommendations as your pet grows and ages, or as needs change.

  • Online sellers cannot create a tailor-made health-care program for your pet the way we can.
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer your questions about instructions, dosage, or other concerns before you leave for home.
  • All products we stock come directly from the manufacturer and are inspected for quality, proper packaging and temperature, expiration dates, and more. Any product that doesn’t meet top standards are returned to the manufacturer and are never sold to our families.
  • Online resellers may offer no such guarantees for quality or expiration dates, and may even sell counterfeit (fake brand name) products.
Pet Pharmacy in Miami: Cat eating from bowl

Because we have direct relationships with manufacturers, we’re able to offer:

  • Special rebates and pricing
  • No-hassle exchanges and returns on most products
  • Access to the latest medications and treatments available before online sellers and other retailers
  • Consultations with manufacturer’s experts if an uncommon side effect should occur

Specialty Diets, Food, and Treats available the same day as your visit.