Veterinarians Cutler Bay, FL

Country Club Animal Hospital offers 7-day-a-week, full-service veterinary care to Cutler Bay, FL and beyond. Our veterinarians and staff commit to providing your cherished dogs and cats the highest level of care possible in an environment that is welcoming and relaxing for both pets and people. Offering a plethora of services including wellness exams, diagnostics, vaccinations, dental care, surgery, and more, we have everything your companion needs to enjoy the longest and healthiest life they can. And as an AAHA-accredited animal hospital, you can be assured that your pet will have access to the best treatment options for their specific health needs.

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Veterinarians Cutler Bay, FL
Cat at our Cutler Bay, FL animal hospital

What is an AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital?

AAHA stands for the American Animal Hospital Association, the one and only accrediting organization for veterinary practices in North America. Accreditation is not a requirement for animal hospitals; our staff chose to become accredited and together we must maintain the very high standards we implement every day to keep our accreditation. Every area of our practice, including our surgical suite, front desk, clinical area, and storage rooms must comply with over 900 AAHA standards. Our safety protocols and sanitation practices are second to none, but most important, the care and we service provide to you and your pet is of the highest quality.

Our Veterinary Services for Cutler Bay, FL Pets

Your pet’s health and hygiene needs can all be met here at our animal hospital. Click on our veterinary services below for more information about what we offer.

We treat every pet as if they were our own, and consider them and their owners as part of the family. Call Country Club Animal Hospital at (305) 663-3300 or book an appointment online today!