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Do you ever wish your vet was open 7 days a week? We know a veterinarian near Sunset, FL that fits the bill…oh wait, that’s us! Country Club Animal Hospital is proud to be here for you and your pet every single day of the week, because you deserve nothing less. As an AAHA accredited animal hospital, we strive for excellence in veterinary medicine, but we’re also dedicated to giving our best for you, the pet parent. Our stellar team provides a wide range of essential and quality-of-life-sustaining services, including wellness exams, parasite prevention, vaccinations, surgery, dental care, and much more. We offer a welcoming, family-friendly environment where everyone, be they human, feline, or canine, can feel at ease.

For care and service that treats you and your pet like cherished neighbors (not numbers), call Country Club Animal Hospital at (305) 663-3300 or book an appointment online today!

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Cat at our animal hospital

Why Choose an AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital near Sunset, FL?

Choosing an animal hospital that’s AAHA accredited means choosing the highest quality care for your animal companion. We know that pets aren’t just pets. They’re family members, partners in crime, workout buddies, and so much more. Out of respect for the bond you share, our veterinarians and staff are committed to exceeding all your expectations and delivering care at the highest possible level.

Everything we do and offer here in Sunset, FL complies with AAHA’s guidelines–safety, surgery, sanitation, customer service, record keeping, you name it. Only the best will do for our patients and clients.

Veterinary Services for Sunset, FL

Country Club Animal Hospital is devoted to being your pet’s veterinarian for life. We love seeing our patients grow up healthy and thrive for many years with their families. With the services we offer, we hope to give you and your four-legged best friend as much time together as possible.

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