Top 6 Dog Friendly Beaches in Miami, FL

There is really nothing dogs love more than romping around in the sand and surf of Miami’s best beaches. Whether you are a permanent resident, or just visiting, you will be missing out if you don’t make sure to add these wonderful, dog friendly beaches to your radar. Your dog will thank you!

Dog Beach in Miami, FLWhat is a Dog Friendly Beach?

But first off, what is it that we look for in a dog friendly beach? Well, the beaches that have made this list have shown time and time again that they are dedicated to the happiness of our pets—and the enjoyment of beachgoers! Many have provided enclosed areas specifically for dogs and boast about their love of four-legged friends on their websites. Others are identified through word-of-mouth—multiple reviews from beach-going dog owners, who say time and time again that these are their favorite places to go.

1. Hobie Island Beach Park

Hobie Island Beach Park is located on the north side of Rickenbacker Causeway. Also affectionately nicknamed the “Windsurfer Beach”, it’s famous for just that—windsurfing! They offer lessons for beginners of all skill levels, board rentals, and it’s also a good place to go if you just want to watch but aren’t too sure you want to try it out yet. However, it is also well known around Miami, Florida for it’s incredibly dog-friendly nature. As it says on the website, “Hobie beach is also notable for being Miami’s favorite dog-friendly beach. Bring your doggy pal here for a nice romp in the sand.” Sounds like they love dogs as much as we do!

Many online comments have also mentioned the greatness of the shallow waters present at the beach, saying it’s an ideal spot for dogs to play in the water without worry.

In addition to windsurfing and dogs, this beach also boasts beautiful skyline views between Brickell, Downtown Miami, and Key Biscayne. They also have concession stands and free parking. Could it get any better?

2. North Beach Oceanside Park

If the downtown skyline-viewing beach of Hobie Island isn’t really your speed, perhaps you and your dog should check out North Beach Oceanside Park, which is similar in many ways, but with a quainter, quieter atmosphere.

This may be one of the less-crowded beaches on the list, featuring wide open spaces, beautiful dunes, and on duty lifeguards. It’s also the perfect place for a gathering, since the website boasts abundant picnic tables, barbeque grills, electricity, restrooms and three separate pavilions available for rental.

The beach boasts many exciting features for those looking for something to do on a nice day, including concerts and other events, lots of winding paths, and many restaurants and lounges located nearby. But perhaps the most exciting part of this location: two huge dog-friendly runs on the north end of the park, one for littler dogs, and the other for larger dogs.

The downside is that these dog runs aren’t technically located on the beach itself, and dogs are only permitted on the beach as long as they’re leashed.

3. Haulover Beach Dog Park

Haulover Beach Park is world renowned, and not for its dog-friendly enclosed areas. No, in fact, this beach has another pull, one that makes it a must-see while you’re in the Miami, Florida area. Haulover Beach Park is one of the top ten nudist beaches worldwide.

Many nudist beaches are hidden or tucked away in remote areas, but not Haulover! This family friendly beach stands open and proud, without requiring clothes. In fact, Haulover is the oldest officially recognized nude beach in Florida.

And it’s also a great place to bring your dog! Who knew? It’s many draws include public restrooms, accessible parking, lots of wide-open space, rentals, concessions, and, of course, a bark park with two enclosures, one for small dogs and one for larger dogs. In addition, dogs are welcome on the beach near guard tower #3.

4. South Pointe Park

Located on the Southern tip of Miami Beach, this beautiful beach park offers many wonderful things, including shady palm trees, benches, and wonderful views of the South Pointe Pier.

There are also many picnic and barbeque areas, beautiful paths, and a splash zones for kids complete with water cannons, so don’t hesitate to bring the whole family.

And of course, dogs are encouraged! Your canine friends are welcome to be off the leash in the enclosed bark park area on the Western side of South Pointe Park. Dogs are also welcome in other areas of the park but, must always remain leashed.

Overall, this is a good family-and-dog-friendly beach that boasts lots of exciting activities, sun, surf, and quiet spots to just chill out.

5. Lummus Park

Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the famous Ocean Drive, Lummus park is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, fitness, and children. Though not quite as dog friendly as some of the beaches and parks higher up on our list, Lummus does allow dogs, in its park, if they do not go on the beach itself.

But there are many other draws to Lummus Park. For instance, they have playgrounds for children, multiple sunbathing areas (including a spot to rent umbrellas and chaises), winding walkways, spots to people-watch, local art, and a widely used outdoor fitness area, if exercise is what you are after!

6. Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park, located just off Ocean Drive, is a quaint and calm neighborhood beach park, perfect for the dog owner who wants to avoid the crowds. It may not be as popular a choice as Hobie Island Beach Park or Haulover Beach Dog Park, but it’s still a good option for a quiet, leashed walk with your dog best friend.

Choose a Dog Beach in Miami, FL to Visit

Whether you’re just visiting Miami, Florida, or you’re a permanent resident, you’ll want to add these spectacular beaches to your list—and make sure to bring your canine companion! You’ll never have more fun than watching them romp through the waves and play with other dogs.