What to Expect at Your Dog’s Vet Visit in Miami, FL

If you recently adopted a new member of the family with four paws, you may be wondering what to expect at your next vet visit. Veterinarians are trained professionals who provide quality care and ensure wellness for your dog. Many communities have different options of animal hospitals you can take your dog to for checkups, routine vaccinations and additional care. If you don’t currently have a veterinarian, it might be a great time to find one for your dog or puppy.

Vet Visit in Miami, FLThe Importance of Wellness Exams for Pets

Routine checkups are important to monitor and maintain the overall health of your dog. It is important to find an animal hospital, or veterinarian that you and your dog love. Vet visits don’t have to be scary for you, or your dog when you know what you can expect from it. If you have never been to the vet with your pet before, here is what you can expect.

Nose, Ears, Eyes

Your vet will initially check your dog’s nose, ears, and eyes for any issues or abnormalities. They will most likely be gloved and have a tool to make looking for signs a bit easier. Doing this simple check can help determine if your dog has any illness, or other symptoms of disease.

Rectal Temperature

Your dog’s temperature will need to be taken from behind. A rectal thermometer is gently used to see if your pet is at a normal temperature or not. This is all part of a regular checkup and does not mean that something is the matter with your new puppy or dog. A normal body temperature for dogs is typically between 101-102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.


You can expect for your new puppy or dog to be weighed at your next vet visit. This can help your veterinarian determine if they are at the proper weight for their age, and breed. They will be placed on a scale, and your vet will record their current weight.

Heart and Lungs

With a tool called a stethoscope, your vet will likely want to check your dog’s heartbeat, and function of the lungs. This part of the checkup is perfectly normal and any murmurs, or irregular sounds can be heard through this routine.


It is likely that your vet will want to check your dog’s feet. This can help them understand the health of your pet a bit better, while getting familiar with their new patient. Vets are gentle and try to make your dog as comfortable as possible in a new environment where they are getting examined.


It’s no surprise that your vet may check your dog’s private areas. This is to look for infection, and any abnormalities, just as a doctor would during a human checkup.

Skin and Coat

Your vet will take a glance at their skin, and coat for any rashes and other problems. A coat without problems is a good sign that your pet is in good health. Since we often do not see the skin on our pets, it is up to your vet to check up on how it looks, feels, smells, etc.


Healthy teeth are also a good sign of health for your dog. Your vet visit may entail a glance at your dog’s teeth to make sure there are no present diseases of the gum, cheeks, or teeth. Some may even recommend how to help keep their mouth clean with teeth cleaning, toothbrushes, and other dog dental care.

A Few Questions

Your veterinarian will ask you a few simple questions about your dog. This includes questions regarding their eating habits, exercise routines, and other patterns in behavior. Don’t worry, your answers will only help them determine how they can better help your dog. Be sure to answer to the best of your ability, and don’t leave out any crucial details when it comes to your pet.

At your vet visit, they’ll want to know about certain habits like sleeping, and bowel movements to get more insight on the overall health of your pet. You can feel safe and secure in knowing that your vet visit will only help your pet and their health.

When to Take Your Dog to the Vet

If your dog is displaying out of the ordinary behavior for any period of time, you should always take them to the vet. Discharge, oozy eyes, loss of appetite, vomiting, irregular urination, trembles, and diarrhea are all worthy reasons to take your dog to your local vet.

Symptoms that go unnoticed, and untreated can ultimately lead to more complications down the road. It is best to take precautionary measures when it comes to out-of-character patterns and behaviors for your dog. You can schedule a visit to the vet, and emergency vets are available should your dog need immediate attention and care.

Call Country Club Animal Hospital

You can expect a wholesome, informative experience when taking your dog to Country Club Animal Hospital. This can help maintain their health and wellbeing, and also prevent any larger issues to occur. Pet safety is all about creating a healthy lifestyle so that they can live a long and full, pain-free life.

Vet visits can be a fun experience for both you and your dog. If your dog is timid, it is a great way to socialize them and get them into the routine of getting checkups. You can expect a few bodily examinations of your dog, followed by some basic questions to help ensure the health of your pet when visiting your veterinarian.

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