7 Tips for Cat Proofing a Christmas Tree in Miami, FL

Cat owners know just how difficult Christmas time can be for their households. Cats can wreak havoc with Christmas decorations, and they often focus their destructive efforts on the Christmas tree. Many cat owners give up on having a Christmas tree altogether because it is just not worth watching their cat destroy it over the course of the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Thankfully if you want to have a Christmas tree, there are some key ways that you can make your Christmas tree safe from your cat’s attacks. Following the tips in this guide, you’ll be able to make your Christmas tree cat proof and enjoy one of the best parts of the season. Your cats might not thank you for taking away their favorite toy, but everyone in your house will be able to enjoy the Christmas tree in peace.

Cat Proof Christmas Tree in Miami, FL

1. Get a Fake Tree

While it is not a perfect solution, some cats just aren’t as attracted to fake Christmas trees. Something about a live tree is so much more interesting to most cats, and it can draw them in even if you’ve tried to keep them away. Fake trees are just not as interesting to many cats, and your solution might be as simple as just getting a tree that lives in a box in the closet when it’s not in use.

Fake trees have come a long way, and they look just as nice as real trees these days. You and your cat might be able to share the Christmas tree experience in peace if you invest in a fake tree for this year’s holidays.

2. Keep the Tree Away from Easy Access Points

No matter which kind of tree you choose to get, make sure that it is not located near easy access points for attack. Keeping your tree away from the stairs, windowsills, and ledges can make it much less enjoyable for your cats to attack the tree or knock it over.

While this is not possible in every house, in many instances, you can move your tree to a location that is not going to allow your cats to jump on it and knock it down to the ground. This can help save your ornaments from damage, and it can also make it much less likely that your cats will want to climb the tree as well.

3. Do Not Use Tinsel or Ornaments That Move

Tinsel and ornaments that move around can attract your cat’s hunting interest and make them want to play with the tree. Tinsel should not be used with pets in the home anyway because when ingested, it can lead to intestinal blockages. When you remove all the shiny or moving ornaments from the tree, your cat might not be interested in playing with its branches or climbing on it.

4. Put Up the Tree Early

Before you start decorating your tree, just put it up for a couple of days and let your cat get bored with it. Without anything to draw their eyes to the tree, they might realize that it is just something that has moved into the house that is not that interesting. Once your cats are used to the tree in its most boring form, they might not get interested in it again once it’s decorated.

5. Use Foil and Citrus

If your cat has been climbing under the tree and doing damage to it from the bottom up, you can put tinfoil under the tree and then add some orange peels or citrus sprays to the area. Cats do not like citrus smells, and they hate the feel and sound of things like tinfoil under their feet. This is also a good idea if your cat has been drinking the Christmas tree water since this can be toxic and lead to poisoning.

6. Get a Small Tree

Cats are much less attracted to trees that they cannot climb, so a little tree might be your best bet if your cat is really interested in attacking the tree once it is set up. While a small tree might not be what you and your family are looking for, being able to save the tree from being knocked over and played with is probably worth it. Be sure that you are cautious about where you place a small tree, however, since cats love to knock things onto the ground.

7. Make Sure the Base is Solid

No matter what other things you have decided to do to keep your cats away from your Christmas tree, make sure that the base of the tree is solid and will not tip or fall over. This can lead to accidents that could be avoided, and you want to be sure that your cats cannot push the tree over the first time they lean against it or try to climb it.

Christmas Trees and Cats Can Live in Harmony

If you have decided to give up on having a Christmas tree this year because of your cat, try out these handy tips before throwing in the towel. Some cats simply cannot be discouraged from attacking the Christmas tree no matter what you do, but often these tips will keep your cat or cats away from the tree so that you and your family can enjoy the holidays without fear for the safety of your tree. Being able to enjoy the Christmas season is important, and a Christmas tree is a big part of what makes the holidays special.

Once your cat learns that the Christmas tree is not a welcoming and fun toy, they will probably choose to leave the tree alone. Setting some boundaries can be easy with these tips, and then you and your cats can have a holiday season that is enjoyable and peaceful.

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